Head box considerably influence the charactertics of paper like basis weight cross profile , uniform formation and fiber orientation.... Know More

We manufacture an ample range of exemplary quality Wire Part with cantilever system, which makes Wire change quick and easy. The complete heavy duty wire part frames are fabricated with M.S & cladded with 2mm thick S.S 304 sheet to ensure the long life... Know More

The Press Section mechanically squeezes water from the wet web coming from Wire section high dryness after the press is require to required steam consumption .Removal of water in Dryer section through evaporation is 7-10 times costlier than Press section...Know More

K-Press is specially designed to produce lighter GSM Kraft Paper with more efficiency.Specially designed K-Type press section with Center suction press roll serving two suction nips,compact design with two nips ensures lesser space requirement but with higher exit dryness and higher bulk of the sheet...Know More

Bi-Nip Press is specially designed for Wrinting,Printing & News Print paper above 400 MPM Machine speed.Specially designed Bi-Nip Press Section pick up cum press roll serving two suction nips.Compact design with Two Nips ensures lesser space requirement with higher exit dryness and better runnability...Know More


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